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PCC. Tuesday ,Tuesday 26th. November 2013

Minutes of the meeting of the Parochial Church Council of
St Nicholas’ Church, Shepperton

held in the Parish Centre at 8.15pm on Tuesday 26th November 2013

Those present: Neal Adolphus, Nicky Addy, the Rev Pamela Barrie, Mike Betchley, Guy Blythman, Margaret Bennet, Caroline Button, Sylvia Carter, Jane Davies, Kathy Hodge, Howard Watson, Janice Wetherell, Geoffrey Jones and the Rector in the Chair.

1) Apologies for absence were received from Johnny Kilhams, Angela Enock-Shore and the Rev Harold Nicholson.

Prior to the meeting starting, the PCC Secretary read out a very warm email from Jenny Adolphus, thanking the PCC for their generous support of the hamper raffle at the Winter Fair. The PCC wished to note officially their enormous thanks to Jenny and her team for the huge effort involved in creating a record-breaking event this year.

2) The Minutes of the meeting of 24th September were approved and signed.

3) Matters arising
Creating a Church Handbook and Calendar- Sylvia reported that following a couple of meetings, the Working Group now had an early version of the calendar and are hoping to have details for December up on the website soon. The rest of the year was making very good progress with new dates able to be added on a rolling basis. In due course the task would be handed over to the Church Administrator.

Creating a Fabric Committee – the Rector was pleased to report that Mike Betchley is willing to chair such a committee and that Jimmy Harrow, Julia Jelley, and Eric Pizzey had also agreed to be involved. Additionally Howard will approach Colin Barnard and the Rector and Mike will discuss further the finer remit of the committee.

4) Financial Report – including the setting of local fees for 204
Prior to the meeting, Geoffrey had circulated papers detailing the Forecast for 2013 and the Budget for 2014. In essence, 2013 should balance or very nearly so. However, 2014 is currently looking at a probable shortfall of £7000. This figure needs to come from stewardship and donations and could be achieved by an average additional gift of £2.88 per month from all households on the Electoral Roll and from those households who give regularly but who are not on the Roll. John Child has agreed to convene a group to present a fresh approach to regular giving in the parish during February and early March 2014. Donations will not be covered in this presentation and needs to have a separate strategy and approach. The PCC noted it’s thanks to Geoffrey for the clear financial information provided.

Local fees for 2014 – the PCC agreed to increasing the Church maintenance element of a basic wedding package from £70 to £98 – making £600 in total for the basic wedding fee.

Currently St Nicholas pays c£1600 per year for flowers and Mike queried whether, due to cost constraints, we were in danger of getting rid of the flowers. He felt strongly that this would not be a wise cost saving as having fresh flowers always brightens the church. Caroline suggested giving a donation towards flowers in remembrance of someone and it was agreed this could prove successful and that the administrator might help with overseeing this task.

As part of the continuing discussion on financial matters, the Rector noted that we really do need to think of resourcing St Nicholas in different ways and consider how we use the resources we have more creatively. We are not going to receive any outside help with this – it is an issue for us to solve ourselves. We most definitely need quite a considerable increase in revenue if we are to maintain creative administration, and develop our mission – especially among young families.

Howard reported that the Parish Centre is running at a possible deficit of £2500. Mike said that almost all of this is from the loss of the regular Friday booking, Ideally the Centre should be for the use of the Church, but should we now look at marketing the Centre to a much wider audience? Might it be possible to hire out the rooms during the day to external groups? Although the Parish Centre is run as a separate entity to the Church, the PCC were reminded that we are responsible for both. If we are to broaden out our ministry we will need to increase our income considerably.

The Rector requested that the lapsed subscription to the Council for Christians and Jews be re-activated and this was agreed by the PCC.

5) Legacies
Prior to the meeting, Geoffrey had circulated information on legacies and a suggested letter to send out to the congregation on this topic. The PCC agreed to the letter coming from the Church Wardens but that we should wait until Easter for it to be sent. The common perception is that the Church is wealthy, but it isn’t! Such legacy information could also be put into the Shepperton News.

6) Report from the Deanery Synod – the 2020 Vision for the Diocese continues to take shape – with confidence, compassion and creativity being the key components.

7) Church Administrator – Howard was very happy to report that Linda Lane had been appointed and is starting on Monday 2nd December. Linda should do DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and Caroline will look into this clearance.

8) Developments at the 11.15 All Age Worship Service – Pamela reported that they are putting together a music group to support the service – initially to play once a month. The third Sunday will now include the Eucharist but will be laid out much less formally than at the 9.30 service. It is hoped to include as many ‘voices’ as possible with children encouraged to take part.

9) Church Restoration Project Update – Howard was delighted to report that the form will be submitted to Heritage Lottery Fund this week and that we are bidding for £80,000 (phase one, structural.) Hopefully we will hear back favourably by March and then able to start on the South Transept work in March 2015. The money currently in the fund will go towards the second phase.

10) Works to the Cemetery and the Churchyard – currently in progress with the Friends of St Nicholas guaranteeing £1000 towards improvements.

11) Safeguarding – Caroline circulated the Safeguarding Policy Statement which needs to be signed and displayed in the church – agreed by the PCC. Pamela queried whether the PCC had seen the latest Safeguarding Policy and Caroline said she will circulate this/website link .

12) Correspondence – St John Fisher had written to ask whether we wished to sponsor a golf hole in aid of the Philippines disaster. The PCC decided to ask St John Fisher if we could put together a team ourselves to enter the golf challenge and support the cause in that way. The Rector agreed to explore further.

13) Church Wardens Notices – none

14) AOB – Olwen Tarbox’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 10th December at 1200

There being no other business, the meeting closed with The Grace at 10.05pm.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 22nd January 2014

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